Are there any additional fees associated with sorting and organizing items removed from my property?

Closet space is important for shoppers, so make sure yours is clean and organized. Take off excess clothes and shoes that you don't wear often and make sure everything is securely hung on the shelves. Use trash cans to store additional items, such as bags and accessories, or remove them completely. Store the clothes you wear every day in a dresser away from the closet.

The goal is to show buyers how much space they'll have to store their own clothes when they move into your home. Some housing organizers offer additional concierge services, such as preparing and conditioning the house before the move, and services similar to interior design that rely on organizing and decorating the home. Many home organizers have an hourly rate that usually covers cleaning, organizing, moving, and other services. Households that have an excessive number of items that need to be removed during the organization process will need a waste disposal service.

The multi-load transport service or the transfer of large objects, such as appliances and bulky furniture, will entail a higher cost.

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