Are there any additional fees associated with storing items removed from my property until they can be disposed of properly?

The Department of Transportation issues rules about the fees that can be charged for the removal and storage of the vehicle and trailer, but only when there is no citation. Whether a tenant moves in voluntarily or after an eviction, landlords often find themselves not only cleaning and repairing damage, but also taking care of the personal property left behind. This is usually only garbage that the tenant doesn't want, such as old food, cleaning supplies, and broken furniture. Landlords are free to dispose of any trash left in a rental.

You should use HUD procedures as a basic guide for carrying out cleaning and debris removal services. Keep it handy so you can keep track of the amount of trash you remove from the property; you'll need it to make offers and bill. If you come across any of the items listed above when you're cleaning a property, you may need to hire the services of a company that specializes in the disposal of prohibited waste items.

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