Do i need to be present when a junk removal service removes items from my property?

There are no laws that require you to be present when garbage collection companies come. However, it's still good practice that they don't have unsupervised access to certain areas of your home or office in case they encounter anything unexpected. If you have garbage to dispose of and you have no way to transport it, or you just don't have time to manage it, call a garbage collection service. Whether you're doing a big move, remodel, purge, or cleaning a rental, a garbage collection service will lighten your load.

Trash collection services with trucks simplify the task of getting rid of garbage, making them an ideal service for cleaning after renovation or for projects where you have already accumulated or bagged all the garbage that needs to be


This gives you the convenience of knowing the cost before you book and the convenience of a quick appointment for garbage disposal. Garbage carriers will use a truck equipped with a garbage container on the bed to remove your things if you choose this service. All you need to get started is to enter your zip code, select the junk items you want to pick up, and get an instant starting price when you send us a text message or a book online. However, there are some garbage disposal companies that don't make an effort to dispose of garbage in an environmentally friendly way.

Research and interview at least three different garbage disposal services to find the one that best meets your needs. Your garbage collection service will deposit a landfill and allow you to fill it up over the course of about a week. If you're concerned about how your trash is being disposed of, research garbage disposal companies before hiring one to determine which ones have a transparent disposal process that you agree with. Like professional moving companies, garbage collection services don't accept items that are dangerous to transport.

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