Does the cost of using a junk removal service include disposal fees for the items removed from my property?

If you're already a municipal customer, transporting trash from the city is an affordable way to get rid of trash. The cost of renting a dumpster may be higher than that of collecting garbage, depending on the size of the load and the type of garbage. Since some types have higher disposal rates than others, the type of garbage you want to remove affects the cost. However, it's hard for companies to decide how much to charge for garbage disposal because there are a lot of variables involved and there's always some guesswork.

In addition to transporting items, some garbage collection companies offer recycling services for many items. Send cardboard, paper, cans, and bottles to your local free recycling agency instead of including them in the garbage collection work order. Many garbage disposal companies also offer cleaning and garbage disposal services for businesses that may need to remove desks, chairs, tables, computers, and other items. While implementing time-based pricing on garbage disposal services is an easy way to set your rates, it's more difficult than it seems.

Garbage disposal services charge based on the type or volume of garbage and the number of trucks needed to carry it. The key to free garbage disposal services is to sort and divert as much trash as possible to services that accept items for free. Wheelbarrows, rolling platforms, and carts can make difficult garbage disposal jobs a breeze, but without them, you'll be dragging that old broken refrigerator or cabinet down the stairs or across the grass. Complete garbage disposal services are best for small or medium amounts of waste that are already accumulated in easily defined areas.

In the end, every business is unique, so only you can answer the question of how much you should charge for garbage disposal. Even so, as a garbage removal company, you should always be prepared with the right labor and equipment to complete the job.

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